About Private Label Products

Effective – Through our proprietary fractionation process, ELS provides companies with unique laundry products comprised of our Berry Saponin Concentrate™, an ultra-purified and extremely concentrated saponin ingredient. Our Berry Saponin Concentrate™ is 100% water soluble and delivers more saponins per load of laundry when compared to using 5 – 6 whole berries.

Efficient – Because our products are 100% water soluble, they can be used in cold, warm, or hot water washes. The use of cold and warm water vs. hot water will reduce energy consumption and help conserve precious resources.

Safety – The current soap berry market lacks regulation and suppliers are not held to any standards for microbial safety. Results from third party testing confirm that some supplier’s berries do not meet the microbial standards for US Food and Drug, Personal Care, and Cosmetics. Approximately 30% of all soap berries tested, from global suppliers, contained excessive mold counts, high coliform and plate counts; indicating unclean handling. We believe that consumers are educated and have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to buying products.

ELS provides Certificates of Analysis with each order; thus, ensuring our products meet high quality specifications and microbial standards. We urge all customers and consumers to ask suppliers to provide the same documentation. In today’s self-regulated market, this confirms that quality standards are met.