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Laundry Detergent

One of the most important ingredients in any laundry detergent is the surfactant (usually its 2nd ingredient after water). A surfactants primary function is to reduce surface tension of a solution. In detergents it allows the water to move in and out of fabric fibers to lift away dirt, stains, and odors: removing them without being redeposited back onto the fabric. Surfactants are able to suspend contaminants because of their unique physical structure. They are comprised of a hydrophobic (fat loving) tail and hydrophilic (water loving) head. The fat loving tail will bind to things like dirt, odor, and grime; while the water loving head will want to stay soluble and suspended in the water phase.

In 2008, a German based research company concluded that the saponins from soap berries are every bit as effective as chemical surfactants in detergent applications. Even more amazing is their finding that less soap berry surfactant was needed when compared to the same amount of synthetic surfactant to achieve similar cleaning results. For example, in liquid detergents they found that soap berry saponins could be used at 1.5% of the formula; compared to 14.7% of synthetic surfactants. This research strongly indicates that functional detergents can be made with soap berry saponins: there may even be some cost reduction opportunities. Detergents using soap berry surfactants will have the added marketing benefits of being truly “green” for consumers, their homes, and the planet.

Although surfactants are needed in laundry detergent and house hold cleansing formulas, many of the common chemically processed surfactants have a negative impact on our planet by leaching into our soil and water supply. Conventional laundry detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets contain a combination of many toxic chemicals that are left behind in clothing, diapers, sheets, dish cloths, etc after washing. These toxic chemicals come into contact with our skin and enter our blood stream. Chemical vapors are also released into the air our families breathe! Our soap berry based surfactants wash laundry in a chemical free, effective, and manner that is gentle on all washable fabrics (as well as the environment).

ELS recently announced a private labeling option for their exciting, new, clean label laundry formulas! The powerhouse ingredient used in ELS’ unique laundry detergent products is Berry Saponin ConcentrateTM (BSC), a botanical surfactant comprised of saponins from the fruit of the Sapindus mukorossi tree (or soap berries). Now you can offer customers a more convenient, consistent, and effective way to enjoy all the benefits of soap berries in a custom-labeled product! Our laundry detergent products are perfect for infants and people of all ages with skin allergies and sensitivities. In fact, results from a recent skin irritation study show that 100% of test subjects* had ZERO reaction or noticeable irritation after 48 hours of exposure (*Skin Irritation Test consisted of 52 subjects with Fitzpatrick skin types 2 & 3).

Several Soap Berry Laundry Detergent options are available for private labeling: Natural, “Made with Organic”, and USDA 95% Organic liquids, as well as Natural Effervescent Tablets.

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 Frequently Asked Questions


QDoes EcoLogical Surfactants, LLC sell products under the ELS brand?laundry detergent clothes

A – Our business is currently setup to service the market as a botanical surfactant manufacturer. We also produce household cleaning products for private label marketers.


QDoes ELS sell bulk, organically certified, soap berries to private label customers for resale?

A – We can provide bulk berries to customers; however, we are not setup to re-package in customized bags. Our organic soap berries can be purchased in bulk 20 kg boxes (5 box minimum order size).


QWhat are the packaging options for ELS’s private label products?

A – All of ELS’s liquid products can be packaged in either: 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or 275 gallon totes. We also have the ability to fill bulk tankers for larger customers. The effervescent tablets can be packaged in bottles with either a 50 or 100 tablets/bottle count. Tablets can also be supplied bulk in boxes for packaging by the customer.


QCan you package in a bottle with our companies label?

A – No, but we can help coordinate the packaging and filling of our products with a packaging partner; however, your order size must meet our packagers minimum requirements. This can be determined on a case by case basis depending on bottle size, volume, etc. Typical minimums required for custom packaging, filling, labeling, etc is about 400 gallons or approximately 2,500 units (again depending on bottle size).


QDo our Soap Berry Laundry Wash products work as well as “conventional” laundry products?

A – EcoLogical Surfactants’ organic, pure, and concentrated soap berry laundry detergent products have been formulated to be the most effective soap berry based products in the market. When compared to chemically based products like Tide – it is difficult to compete. No one really knows what is in Tide since they don’t have to disclose their ingredients. In a recent detergent study, our laundry products performed equal to the other natural detergents found in the market (like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, etc). ELS hands down beat out laundry cleaned using 6 whole berries, as well as other liquid soap berry detergent products. We are also exploring the use of non-GMO plant based enzymes that can help boost specific stain removal; such as, blood (proteins), grass, & fruit. Our Soap Berry Laundry Wash + Oxygen Boost provides enhanced stain removal properties.


laundry detergent 1QWhat is the best way to pretreat heavily stained clothes with your products?

A – We’ve found that it is best to add our soap berry laundry wash into your machine, and let the cloths pre-soak for 10 – 30 minutes prior to letting the wash cycle complete. Anytime you are trying to achieve optimal stain removal always remember to make sure there is enough water to wash the clothes properly. Oftentimes people have the tendency to fill their washing machine with too many clothes. By doing this, the water to clothes ratio will be out of balance and can make it difficult to properly clean the clothes.


QWhat health hazards can be avoided by using Soap Berry Laundry Detergent?

A – Chemical laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets should be avoided. These products can contain chemicals classified under federal law as carcinogenic, toxic, and hazardous to your families (and the environments) health. We suggest you Google “laundry detergent health hazards” to learn more.


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