Power of Choice

What are the costs associated with doing laundry? What is the most costly component? Is it the detergent, water consumption, or energy used to heat the water? Typically it is the energy used to heat the water. According to About Green Living, “Some research has found that using hot water for a load of laundry is equivalent to driving nine miles in an automobile. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, multiply that times the number of loads of laundry you do in a week, and it adds up quickly. If everyone switched to cold water wash, we could eliminate over $3 billion dollars in energy costs, and reduce carbon emission by 1%!”

Not only is it good for the environment, but an average family could expect to save over $100 a year. This translates into energy savings per load of about $0.25 (Most consumers could expect to see save savings of $0.10 – $0.25 per load).

Because our unique Soap Berry Laundry Detergent Products are 99.9% water soluble, they go to work immediately in any water temperature. This allows consumers the opportunity to make the best choice for resource usage every time they do a load of laundry. Note: In instances when clothes are extremely soiled or have strong odors, washing in hot water is best for optimal soil and odor removal.

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