The Truth

There has been a lot of mis-education and mis-marketing when it comes to the true concentration of soap berry liquids. ALL current soap berry liquid products marketed for use as detergent have a concentration of between 1.5 – 6% soap berry extract and are mainly comprised of water. Based from the usage instructions of these products they only provide about 1/3 to 1/10 the saponin content of using six (6) whole berries. We have extensively researched the saponin release of whole berries, and have formulated all of our products to provide more saponins and more consistent cleaning power per load (when compared to 6 whole berries).

At ELS we think it would be plain wrong to call a product that is mostly water “ultra-concentrated”. When we say our products are ultra concentrated – we mean it! Our Ultra Concentrated Liquid Laundry Wash formula is approximately 7 – 25 times more concentrated than current liquid products.

Although our proprietary process produces a super purified and lightest-possible colored liquid, the higher the soap berry concentration the darker the color becomes – this is due to tannins, a natural occurring compound found in the sapidnus mukorrossi, that produce the color in the liquid. See the color-scale in the photo to the left and never be deceived again. Note: Products that have not gone through a purification process will be darker in color even at low concentrations (brownish color at around 3% – 4%).